Podcast Episode: The Triad of Care Explained (LAIM)
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Podcast Episode: The Triad of Care Explained (LAIM)

by Justin Long (Host), Dr. Erica Lacher (Large Animal primary care veterinarian) and Dr. Tiffany Hall (Large Animal Internal Medicine Specialist).
Apr 25, 2023

The Triad of Care is made up of the animal owner, primary veterinarian and veterinary specialist and can be thought of as a collaborative partnership that will benefit your pet’s wellness. Whether your primary care veterinarian referred you to a veterinary specialist or you went looking for one on your own, think of your visit to a specialist as an extension of your primary veterinarian’s knowledge. Together, you, your primary care veterinarian and veterinary specialist will communicate and work as a team for your animal. 

For our first podcast episode we had a Board-Certified Large Animal Internal Medicine Specialist sit down with a Large Animal primary care veterinarian to discuss how the Triad of Care works to ensure the best care for their patients. 

Listen below!


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