The Triad of Care
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The Triad of Care: How Vets (And You!) Work Together


Sometimes, navigating our animals’ health issues can be tough or becomes more complicated than usual. That’s where a Board-certified veterinary specialist comes in.

Whether your primary care veterinarian referred you to a  veterinary specialist or you went looking for one on your own, think of your visit to a specialist as an extension of your family veterinarian’s knowledge, expertise and caring. Together, you, your primary care veterinarian and the specialist will communicate and collaborate  to form an ideal team for your animal. This unique partnership is known as the Triad of Care, and all three parts are crucial.

    Animal Owner: Informed Decision-Making

    Who’s right next to the animal in the center of this medical case? As the animal owner, you are responsible for making the most important choices on behalf of your pet. Veterinarians, both primary care and specialty, will give you all the details you need to make a thoughtful, well-informed decision.

    Primary Care Vet: Knowledge of Your Animal's History

    What has happened with your pet over the course of their lifetime? Your primary care veterinarian knows. Your animal’s past health and medical issues are crucial to managing your animal’s care today. Your primary care veterinarian may have seen your animal first—and for years—and a specialist will need details from them about your animal’s unique medical history. 

    Veterinary Specialist: Advanced Training and Expertise

    From the brain to the heart, from skin to stomach, from cancer to diabetes, specialists brings years of advanced training and expertise in one of those arenas of medicine to your animal’s care.  Your veterinary specialist is there for an initial consultation, to talk over your pet’s potential diagnosis and possible treatment options. During diagnosis, treatment and checkups, your veterinary specialist may work closely with your primary care veterinarian on treatment and checkups. 

    Regular communication and cooperation between the specialist, your primary care veterinarian and you are key to smooth, effective management of your pet’s care. Veterinarians know that complicated medical cases can be highly stressful and highly emotional, and they’re ready to walk you through your options from the start, during and after diagnosis and treatment. The health and happiness of your animal is the number-one goal for everyone in the Triad of Care.


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